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10BBL Beer Making Plant

10BBL Beer Making Plant

We are one of the leading manufactures of the professional brewing equipment in China. The prices of our products depend on our quality. Our equipment are more durable than any similar ones on the market. All of the our equipment are made with exquisite workmanship: These are 5 Keys: experience of equipment themselves, accessories source,drawings and the way of welding and polishing and after sales service

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Product Details

We have prodfessional technicians and engineers who are very proficient in welding and polishing. 

We will polish the tanks for three times.First, tanks are polished by polishing machines to make the surface smooth.


Second, they will be polished by machines to make sure the corners and the tank body are smooth. 


Last, our technicians will polish the tanks by themselves.In this way, the inner and outer surface of our tanks are polished to Ra0.4μm.In this way, the tanks will not only look beautiful but also enhance the quality of beer.As we spare effort to ensure the good welding and polishing effect, our labour cost is higher, too.


Sample projects:

2000L cooper  system


2000Lstaineless steel system and bottling lines