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Beer Making Machine

Beer Making Machine

brewery equipment made in China

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Product Details

Beer Brewing Equipment 

The complete brewery equipment includes the following 6 systems:

1. Malt Milling System

2. Mash system 

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It is equipped with 2 vessels (mash/ lauter, boiling/whirpool). We also can do it according to customized.

3. Fermentation System 

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All tanks used stainless steel SUS 304, which is meets the requirement of international stainless steel material antirust standard. Our fermentation tanks come with cooling jacket on the cylinder and lower cone. It can increase the connect area of ice and tank and can make the fermenter cooling down faster. The cooling media is glycol water. It will not freeze even at 0℃.

4. Refrigerating System

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5. CIP cleaning System 

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6. Controling System 

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Main Features

1) All tanks adopt food grade material stainless steel SUS 304, the Nickel element content is between 9.5%-10.5%, it surely meets the requirement of international stainless steel material antirust standard. 

2) We use TIG argon protection welding, the welding cover surface is very smooth and uniform, the polishing precision is


3) All tanks will be produced according to the confirmed drawings from customers, the equipment is designed to satisfy the customer beer craft. 



Malt Milling System

Malt Mill

Mash System

Mash/lauter tun

Boiling/ whirlpool tun

Hot water tank

Fermentation system


Refrigerating System

Ice Water tank

Chiller unit

CIP Cleaning System

Disinfection tank/Alkaline tank

Controlling System

Mashing/Fermenting/Cooling/Cleaning Control