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Beer Canning Line

Beer Canning Line

Beer can filling and sealing unit machine Beer can filling-sealing 2-1 machine is a filling sealing 2 in 1 machine designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption. It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision...

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Beer canning line

Beer Canning Line beer canning line

Beer can filling-sealing 12-1 machine is designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption.

Filling system:

Filling system consists of filling valve (exhaust valve), filling tanks, liquid level control devices, the filling valve lift cylinder, filling tank height adjustment devices, etc.

Filling valve components, including liquid valve, the back (Note) trachea, air valves, centering hood, lifting mechanism, exhaust valve.

Empty cans into the tank through the star wheel into the filling machine.

beer canning linecan seaming machine

After cans arrived in the booking center, followed by filling valves along the cam bearing downing right in the center of cans and pre-pressure sealing, the sealing pressure except centering cover own weight of its own apart from centering hood outside, from a cylinder pressure generated, the gas pressure in cylinder can be controlled to adjust of the reducing valve, pressure is 0 ~ 0.25MPa, the pressure depends on the material cans. In the open vacuum channel while the gas back pressure in filling tank fill into the cans and feed into the vacuum channel. Vacuum for the implementation of CO2 cleaning process to remove the air inside tank, through this program so that material in the filling process,oxygen increment reach minimize.

Tank does not produce negative pressure, even very thin walls Aluminum cans can be washed with the CO2.

Beer Canning Linenew designed counter pressure Beer can filling/filler and sealing/seamer  machine for micro brewery factory

Sealing system:

Cans of filling materials through the hook chain sent to positioning head rotation of sealing machine, the lid by the sending device and the pressure head sent to mouth of cans, when the holding cans body care rise, the pressure head pressed mouth of cans, Pre-sealed and then sealed the first real round of closures, cans through star wheel sent from the sealing machine.

filling equipmentBeer Canning Line

Technology parameter:

Production capacity: 1000-2000CPH(330ml)
Number of Filling valve : 12
Number of sealing valve:1
Power of machine: 3KW
Filling temperature 〈4℃
CO2 content of filling products 〈5(Beer)
Maximum filling pressure0.5 Mpa
Compressed air consumption:1.2m3/h(0.3Mpa)
Sterile air consumption: 1.8m3/h(0.4Mpa)
Water consumption:0.2m3/h
Weight of machine About 900kg
Size of the machine 1950×1350×2000mm

Beer Canning LineBeer Canning Line

Accessory equipment for beer canning line:

Can depalletizer:

1. Forklift transports and puts the pallet which is stacked fully of the empty cans on the conveyor. Then the conveyor transports it on the lift platform;the motor of the conveyor is controlled by the transducer. The conveying is activated slowly from halt state to avoid the danger of empty cans

dumping because of sudden activating.

2.Pallet positioning device senses the correct position when the empty cans come into main lift platform and come down when finish depalletizing

by a positioning device making use of level principle and microswitch.

Beer Canning Line
beer canning line

Can rinser:

It is used to clean empty can in canning production line. Empty cans will be sent to turning device first, which will be turned around then transferred into rinsing machine. Empty can will be running from top to bottom along the turning device. When empty cans enter into rinsing machine, they will be cleaned by 80℃ hot water (provided by customer) to reach aseptic state of can. There is certain inclination angle in both sides of rinser, whose size could be adjusted properly when needed. Empty cans will be rolling in parallel way from top to end; the waste water will be discharged from outfall.

Can twist:

Stainless steel type, easy to install and use.

Beer Canning Line
Beer Canning Line

Can filling and sealing 2-1 unity machine:

Beer can filling-sealing 2-1 machine is a filling sealing 2 in 1 machine designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption.

Tunnel pasteurizer:

This spray warm and cooling machine also named tunnel pasteurizer.

Liquid and its package are heated to the required sterilization temperature and maintained at that temperature for some time, and then down to

ambient temperature.

can seaming machine

Beer Canning Line

Liquid level detector:

When the filling volume can not match the standard, the machine will remove the cans automatically to ensure the quality of the products.

Drying machine:

1. This machine is applicable for drying the cans/bottles before labelling.

2. The wind direction is adjustable. The wind mouth can also be adjusted according to actual situation.

3. Almost every kind and size of bottles can be dried by this machine.

4. Low energy cost.

5. No easy-wear accessories or parts.

Beer Canning Line

beer canning machine


1.Whole machine adopt qualified stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture,convenient to adjust

2.Simply installation, then can convenient for round can.

3.No need of instrument, rotary mechanism is convenient to adjust, apply to different can type.

4.Middle guide-pole clip system, mould changing quickly, no need any instrument.

5.Automatic blanking, automatic labeling, there is no need of people.

Date Printer:

Equipped with vacuum ink recycle system to reduce the consumption of the ink, small occupation. Self-adjust when there's break, to confirm the best printing effect.

beer canning line

can seaming machine

Plactic film shrinking wrapping machine:

This machine includes two parts, one is for cutting, another part is for shrinking packaging.

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