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Water Filling Machine

HG Machinery is one of the professional water filling machine manufacturers in China. Welcome to buy water filling machine for sale at competitive price here. Be free to check price with us!
The water filling machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, with high automation, simple circuit, easy maintenance and strong maneuverability. Through the man-machine interface to control the three-in-one filling machine, the detection parts of each important position feedback the operating parameters of the water filling machine in real time, and the faults are promptly alarmed, and the fault explosion points and related maintenance information are displayed intelligently.
The water filling machine we provide is advanced in technology, with multiple card bottles, bottle missing, missing cover, overload and other protection alarm devices. The performance is reliable, the process is scientific, the food hygiene conditions meet the national food hygiene standards, and the production automation is high. Simple operation is the ideal three-in-one filling machine for all kinds of soft drink manufacturers.
1. The filling method uses a new type of atmospheric pressure filling to make the filling speed faster.
2. Equipped with a visual touch screen and a frequency converter, the machine operates more stably.
3. Increased productivity with the best air delivery system.
4. Adopts a plurality of stainless steel capping heads, and utilizes a double proximity switch system to ensure the accuracy of the capping.
5. The water filling machine uses a high-pressure fan to transport the bottle cap, and the cover plate automatically stops when the cap is full, and automatically starts when the cover is missing, saving time and labor.
6. Photoelectric detection of the operation of each component, higher degree of automation, easier operation, which is greatly improving work efficiency and production capacity.
7. A plurality of stainless steel filling heads are used to avoid rusting, and the filling machine is isostatically filled, which changes the phenomenon that the negative pressure filling absorbs the bottle, reduces the production cost of the bottle, prepares the filling amount.
The water filling machine is equipped with imported electrical appliances and touch screen technology. It integrates washing, filling and capping. It is automated in the whole process and is suitable for filling pure water and mineral water.