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Wine Filling Machine

The wine filling machine adopts the bottleless lifting mechanism, which reduces the maintenance amount and reduces the maintenance cost of the wearing parts. In, addition, the wine filling machine is easy to operate, adopts PLC programming, mechanical, electric and gas combined intelligent automatic control, man-machine interface touch operation, the degree of automation is greatly improved, and the overload protection device is provided at the inlet and outlet dial wheels. And the device automatically stops when the bottle is bottled, thereby improving the safety of the machine.
This wine filling machine is a new-generation filling machine developed by our company on the basis of absorbing the technology of similar foreign equipment and combined with domestic demand. HG Machinery is one of the professional wine filling machine manufacturers in China. Welcome to buy wine filling machine for sale at competitive price here. Be free to check price with us!
1. Adopting the principle of low vacuum filling, the bottle wall is filled, no alcohol, no foaming, and the liquid level is consistent after filling.
2. The bottle with the bottle is not filled automatically, does not sprinkle liquid, does not break the bottle, the bottle height error automatically adapts.
3. The well-designed bottle-holding device is made of high-quality materials, with reasonable design, high-end processing technology and precise compression-damping ratio to ensure the service life of the bottle-holding device.
4. The filling valve adopts the most advanced filling principle in the filling industry, reasonable design, excellent quality and precise processing of parts to ensure the liquid level requirements after filling.
5. The filling valve can be normally opened without disassembling the filling valve, and the filling barrel and the filling valve can be conveniently backwashed.
6. The single pin fixed valve body structure, the light pull pin shaft can extract the whole valve core, the principle is simple, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.
7. The wine filling machine uses imported high-sensitivity liquid level probe, imported liquid level control device and pneumatic angle seat valve. This device can realize the synchronous action with the drinking pump, and can realize liquid filling without the high tank.
The wine filling machine is suitable for liquids such as white wine, rice wine, grape juice, fruit juice drinks, mineral water and soy sauce, vinegar, etc. at normal temperature and high temperature.
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