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Market Advantage Of Homemade Beer Equipment

- Jun 21, 2017 -

With a homemade beer, the hotel built a brewery. She can not only produce cold summer beer, warm winter beer, but also for different consumers to provide different flavors and nutritional health of fresh beer, such as yellow beer, stout, red beer, Spirulina green beer and ladies all kinds of fresh fruit beer. It can not only produce beer on site, but also let customers enjoy the unique charm of high quality beer production while enjoying this high-level consumption.

A series of wines brewed from German-style beer-barley beer, rye beer, spirulina beer, balsam pear beer, sweet wine-has become the darling of beer consumer market, and the raw material of beer is made from Australian high quality malt, Czech top hops and fresh German yeast brewed, do not add any accessories such as rice, such as materials, focusing on strengthening the natural health functions of barley, have lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, improve heart function, prevent cancer and not easy to fat after drinking a variety of health functions.

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