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  • Beer Bar Equipment

    Beer Bar Equipment

    HG can provide you mash system with high quality,competitive price and luxurious appearance.And we also optimize the process piping design,in order to make the whole structure of mash system more...

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  • Regional Brewing Equipment

    Regional Brewing Equipment

    Regional Brewing Equipment Fermentation system Refrigeration system Controlling system Main Features 1)Good abrasion resistance material 2) High quality insulation effect 3) Beautiful weld and...

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  • OEM Brewery Equipment

    OEM Brewery Equipment

    Product Details HG Machinery OEM Brewery Equipment is the complete brewery system, including the mash/lauter tun, boiling/whirlpool tank and hot water tank, fermenter and cooling system. The...

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  • Pub Brewery Equipment

    Pub Brewery Equipment

    This brewhouse is for a 1000L which can be use at home, brewery or pubs.

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  • Beer Equipment List

    Beer Equipment List

    Mash System Based on the absorption of the foreign technology and innovate, there are more than 20 invention patents. There are 2 vessels, 3 vessels, 4 vessels and 5 vessels. All the parts are...

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  • Turnkey Brewing Equipments

    Turnkey Brewing Equipments

    We can provide the turnkey poject for your berewery 10000L automatic beer brewing system

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  • Counter Pressure Canning Machine

    Counter Pressure Canning Machine

    Shandong HG Machinery Company has been working hard in desiging,researching and manufacturing the brewery equipment and beer filling line,recently our company has successfully developed a new...

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  • Copper Beer Equipment

    Copper Beer Equipment

    HG is the most professional manufacturer to produce the every capacity brewery equipment in China. We has obtained ISO 9000:2015 quality certificate and is run according to ISO management. And our...

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  • Turnkey Beer System

    Turnkey Beer System

    Turnkey Beer System Fermentation system Main Features of fermentation tank stainless steel beer 1)Good abrasion resistance material 2) High quality insulation effect 3) Beautiful weld and polish...

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  • 15bbl Beer Equipment

    15bbl Beer Equipment

    Product Application CE standard 15BBL beer breing equipment is completed brewing system, it is including the Malt milling system, Mash System, Fermentation system, Refrigerating System, CIP...

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  • Large Beer Brewery Equipment

    Large Beer Brewery Equipment

    Large Beer Brewery Equipment This set of brewery equipment equipped with three vessels( mash/lauter tun, boiling tun, whirlpool tun) with a hot water tank. According to the drawing. The commercial...

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  • 20bbl Craft Brewing Equipment

    20bbl Craft Brewing Equipment

    Product Details 1.Malt milling system Material:Carbon steel/Stainless steel 304 Accessories: Contains motor, pulley, belts, etc. Roller width is adjustable. Double Roller is adjustable to make...

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