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Beer Fermentation Equipment

HG Machinery is one of the professional beer fermentation equipment manufacturers in China. Welcome to buy beer fermentation equipment for sale at competitive price here. Be free to check price with us!
The main equipment for beer fermentation is fermenter and seed tank, each of which is equipped with raw material preparation, cooking, sterilization and cooling equipment, ventilation adjustment and sterilization equipment, and agitator. The fermenter is responsible for the production of the product. It must be able to provide the conditions required for microbial life activities and metabolism, and be easy to operate and control, to ensure the realization of process conditions, in order to obtain high yield. The seed tank is intended to ensure the amount of bacteria necessary for the culture of the fermenter.
The beer fermentation equipment we provide introduces imported advanced technology, making the original complicated and cumbersome operation method simple and efficient. The equipment produces pure nutritious fresh beer without the need for filtration and high temperature sterilization, thus retaining the mellow taste and nutrients characteristic of the beer.
With advanced and professional design and manufacturing capabilities, we provide high-quality stainless steel inside and outside the beer fermentation equipment, using advanced non-deformed argon arc welding technology and bead surface treatment technology, the quality of the weld bead and surface treatment quality have reached the international advanced level.
Not only that, the beer fermentation equipment realizes PLC automatic computer control, can set the process requirements program by itself, automatically complete the processing of various switch quantity and analog quantity, and complete the automatic control of the whole system actuator. It has the advantages of centralized management, high reliability, strong anti-interference, time and labor saving. It can shorten the construction period for the brewery to the maximum extent, and win valuable time to ensure the profit of the year.
1. Rigorous structure.
2. Good liquid mixing characteristics and mass transfer phase heat transfer rate.
3. With matching and reliable detection and control instruments.
4. The equipment has a long service life, simple and quick operation, and low fermentation cost.
5. If you have special requirements, you can also design it for you.
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